The Numbers on the Go reading is a Numerology Personalized Report which provides a  quick insight upon who you are and how you can turn to the knowledge of your most important numbers to improve upon your life. Through this compact reading, quickly learn about discovering your true purpose and recognize what you truly want in life. You can also ask me the questions which deeply concern you, and I shall guide you to an understanding of the source of conflicts in your mind.


The Comprehensive Profiling reading is a detailed report which provides a great opportunity for a complete SWOT analysis in terms of numerology and a rough knowledge of the present ongoing momentum of time. What is your alignment with your ongoing timing and what would be the correct choices for you to make as per your placement in time. Find solutions to all such concerns. Through this reading, get to know your numbers in detail, learn to bank upon the strong numbers and dilute the weaknesses.

Looking to numerology is a brilliant way to address the problems in an existing relationship or finding potential for long term compatibility in a prospective partner. The Relationship Analogy report can also be used for determining the prospects of any association that you have in life; it could be a business partner, an employee, a colleague or an overseer. Every connection  that you have, is a relationship. Sometimes two people blend very effortlessly, other times, there is some natural friction, resolving which, needs some effort. Through this reading, you can strengthen your existing bonds or gain a better understanding of the root cause of conflicts that you have with some important people in your life.

The names that we choose, determine the destiny of that individual or venture for which we choose it. It is important to make sure that the name is in alignment with the birth numbers of the individual or the venture. The name should also have the strength to endure all kinds of situations that it could be faced with. Through the Name Enhancement reading, I guide you through the selection of most suitable names for yourself/your new born/your project. Due to the fact that name selection needs certain understanding of cultural backgrounds, I am more comfortable offering name solutions mostly to Indians.

Have you ever wondered why some people always appear to be at the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time? You could be simply calling it luck by coincidence. But, according to the principles of numerology, coincidence is nothing. Numerology offers a unique and brilliant way to help you to understand exactly when is the right time to make a specific decision. Learn whether or not your present plan of action is in alignment with the momentum of time that you are about to receive. The Numerology Calendar covers timing on a day to day basis for a tenure of 12 months. This helps you to adapt and correct your timing on a day to day basis and face all issues in life with confidence.

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I approached Aditi when I was going through a constant low period in my life. Totally uncertain about myself and my abilities, in a complete mess I decided to approach Aditi for some professional guidance. I opted for a "Comprehensive Profiling" for myself and my husband. She did a detailed analysis of all our numbers and summarized the report in such a way that it was very easy to understand. She highlighted the abilities and merits of my husband in such a way that my complete way of looking at him changed. There were certain facts highlighted by her in her report which we could have never known unless she mentioned them in the report. She made me realize a big fact, that my Life Path Number is 11. I was not aware of the power that this number has. Earlier I used to work in "Leather Fashion Industry", which is a very harsh place. She told me that my life purpose is to support people. At that time, I could not relate to this point instantly. I wondered, how could it even be possible for such a person to support others who is lost herself and is herself looking for support! Aditi however was very clear that I would evolve with time.

Over the years, I started experiencing Universal Connections. Angels and spirit guides, all started connecting with me. I could see spirits from the corner of my left eye. It was a strange experience for me and no one other than Aditi believed me. She was always by my side, encouraging me and letting me know that I was on the correct path. Today, I am an "Intuitive Tarot Reader" and now, my life purpose is "Healing Souls". I am grateful to Aditi for awakening me to my life purpose. May God bless her with all happiness on earth.

Thanks and best wishes,


I know Aditi through her blogs that I used to follow and got amazed by her knowledge on the subject and non-judgemental and analytical ways to understanding each number. She analyses numbers to determine your strengths and weaknesses, hidden talents, needs, life obstacles and compatibility with your name. She works relentlessly towards name correction. The information helps you to know what to focus on and to make necessary changes to turn around your life. I personally consulted her quite often and found her readings very well explained, detailed, accurate, practical and insightful. Her personalised attention to every detail is praiseworthy. She provides clarity and hope during your hours of distress. NOW EVERY TIME I NEED TO CLEAR MY HEAD OR KNOW WHERE I'M GOING, I JUST READ MY REPORT. I found her very positive and quite evolved soul and her readings reflect her personality. Thank you Aditi with all the numerological help in understanding myself and my loved ones better.

A couple of unprecedented turn of events in life, is what led me to Aditi. At a point in life when it was all looking to be dead and with the mind unable to comprehend what actually was happening to me, the almighty was kind enough to lead me to Aditi. When I had lost my patience and hope to recover from the situation I was in, her readings and suggestions have been guide in the testing times. Her constant reassurance to hold on and tomorrow would be a better day is what sailed me through. Once out there in ocean, it is going to be rough some time or the other. Sailing for couple of months out of the bad patch and into the journey of life, again drifted to another stormy patch, and again as an angel, Aditi was there to guide me through it. Her positive attitude and her constant motivation, sailed me and bailed me through. Her accuracy with numbers is phenomenal and I am sure to reach out to her every time I lose my way in this ocean of life, not knowing where to go. Wishing her all the best and may many souls be healed and guided by her.

Thank you and God Bless you, Aditi

I was not a great numerology enthusiast. I started watching her videos just for fun and at some point I don't know why I decided to consult her. I'm a very private person, but something gave me the confidence that I can share my concerns with her. Like everyone else, I too had my share of concerns. I don't know about others, but I felt, she boosts your confidence levels. Even before she came up with an actual numerology solution to my problems, she made me feel positive. She suggested me name solutions and after using one of the suggested names, I felt much better and then I decided to change my name on social platforms. The issues that I was facing during that time, started getting resolved, but, you see, new issues always arise. But, the confidence that she gives you to face your problems, is outstanding. I'd always go back to her because I feel she is very honest and does not misguide you. And she has that warmth when she guides you with things. You feel like opening up to someone like that.

I got to know Aditi eight years ago, but, as a fashion designer first. I was her clientele then too and she was utterly thorough and disciplined with her work. Then on, she moved to Numerology. I distinctly remember that at a point of time, when my husband was going through a difficult patch in his job, I asked Aditi to go through his numbers and believe me, when I say that every math that she did was so accurate. She got his basic nature with 100% accuracy. Also, she made the report so systematic and easy to understand, that both my husband and I, were very impressed with her work. Since then, it has now been three years and we still keep refering back to the report for self-knowledge, guidance and direction. Aditi has also done readings for my daughter and son and she has done a fabulous job on them too. We go through each of her reports very often and take advice from Aditi from time to time. Thank you so much.